Wargame Grogs

What is a “grog”?  “Grog” is short for grognard meaning “grumbler”, Napoleon’s affectionate term for the soldiers and NCOs of his Imperial Old Guard.  Their honest complaints informed him what was going wrong throughout his Grande Armee.  The term has since passed through the sense of “old soldier” of any kind, to its present meaning of an experienced player of commercial board wargames.

What is this site about?  This site covers my wargame design revisions, reviews, and analysis.  I enjoy improving existing published board wargames with new rules to correct issues with realism or playability, allowing both dated designs and recent games with substantial promise to be played in new ways using existing components.  While game sites like Board Game Geek and the Consimworld forum can communicate first passes on such things, this site provides a more permanent home for full systems, where the latest and final rules for each of my revisions can be found.

Besides the revised rules themselves, I will also post data and analysis used to create game combat results tables (CRTs), a subject I’ve worked on a fair amount, and reviews of wargames and wargamer events, discussion of military tactics and strategy as revealed through such games, and related topics in military history.

ASL modified

Fearful Odds

Revised 1914

War in the Pacific revisited

Revised Musket & Pike system

New Central Front system

VG Vietnam 1965-1975

Napoleonic Battles system

Updated Afrika Korps

Battle for Stalingrad house rules

Ardennes ’44 balance rules

Simple Panzer Grenadier

New Standard Combat Series (SCS)

Europa Revised

Updated Air Force / Dauntless (30 degree turns)

Revised Red Star Rising

New Operational Combat Series (OCS)

Panzerblitz 2 system

Revised Panzergruppe Guderian system

Rampant Battles of History

Revised Third Reich

Havoc card driven melee system

World War Two operational CRT research

Napoleonics operational CRT research